Are you getting ready to design, or take a new look at your company letterhead? Well perhaps it’s time to run a quick check on all of your basics, and be sure that you are hitting that nail square on its round, little head.

What design aspects are most Important?

Whether you are a brand spankin’ new business, or a long-standing pillar of the business community, it’s never a bad idea to check yourself out, your letterhead, that is!

Here are some important design aspects to consider when you’re working on a physical representation of your business, such as your letterhead:

  • Are your company name & logo presented in a memorable, yet focused fashion?
  • Does your logo demonstrate your business’ purpose and/or offerings?
  • Is your business’ purpose clearly represented anywhere & does it need to be?
  • Is your business address & contact information listed?
  • Is your letterhead too busy, or too sparse?
  • Is your letterhead readable?
  • Is there any aspect of your current design that detracts from your business’ purpose (font style, size, color, etc.)?
  • How do you use letterhead, why, and how often – does your current design meet your actual needs?

Once you’ve taken an objective look at your current letterhead design, you should address any issues with your print designer. Don’t be afraid to make a few changes to correct any problems or issues prior to printing because you don’t want to pay for it later.

What’s the Process for Ordering?

Now that you know what you want your letterhead to look like, it should be easy to order, right?

Sure, it’s not rocket science, but there are definitely some crucial things to know and do when ordering your business letterhead from a printer.

For instance:

  • What quantity do I order?
  • How do I avoid extra costs when printing?
  • Which colors should I use?
  • Is an electronic proof enough?
  • Should I take advantage of a package print deal?
  • What paper should I use?
  • Should I print in the margin, or standard size?

If you order too many, or too few, then you’re going to have a quantity issue.

If you choose a non-standard color, then it will likely cost more to print.

If you choose to print outside the margins of each sheet (across entire sheet), it actually costs more than if you print within standard margins.

Always get a printed proof from the printer, and get at least a second pair of eyes on it. If you miss any fat-finger typo’s or inverted numbers on your proof, it could be a very costly mistake to correct! This also allows you to get a feel for the quality of the paper.

Once you’ve finalized your proof, request a detailed pricing quotation from the printer. You can then determine what aspects are affecting your bottom line and make adjustments, if necessary.

Don’t set yourself up for severe sticker-shock, simply by not asking enough questions. Remember that the decisions you make now will reflect how much money you pay on your future orders!