Google and other search engines are frequently reviewing, updating, and changing the way they rank web content and distribute it on the web. If you don’t stay educated on the changing world of SEO, you may find your online marketing efforts become fruitless.

Stay current on what’s going on with SEO, review your current strategy, and consider these 5 ways you can tune up your SEO tactics to make sure you’re being seen on the web.

1. Sign up for Google authorship

Google authorship gives you credit for your content and identifies you as an actual human being, per se. The association made between author and content will result in your blog or website being considered “more valuable” by Google and increase your rankings, visibility, and influence.

Research has shown that search results with a photo and byline have higher click rates than those without, even if they aren’t on the top of the search results. Sign up for Google authorship to improve your click rate by 150%, according to a study done by research marketing firm Catalyst.

2. Get into the minds of the visitors

SEO is all about best meeting the needs of those browsing the web. You want to come up at the top of their search when they look for something you offer. To this end, you must put yourself in their shoes and try to imagine all of the terms and phrases they would enter in their search.

You can also work backwards by using analytics. This way, you can find out which sections of your website are getting more traffic than others, and then connect the main keywords in those sections with other areas of your website.

3. Make your content share-friendly and share-worthy

Getting to the top of the search rankings can be done not only by using logical keywords. Content that is heavily shared will skyrocket in Google ratings. But in order to accomplish this, your content must be incredible.

Truly the most important factor for increasing traffic to your site is by having “out of this world” content. But you need to also make sure that you’re amazing content can easily be shared.

To do this, you can create highly visible share buttons that scroll with the page so that at any point the reader decides the content is share-worthy they will immediately see the link and click to share.

  1. Strategize your keyword utilization

Even if you’ve thoroughly researched and identified effective keywords, you must use them strategically throughout your website. Great content can easily be ruined by the unnatural placement of keywords. Make your keywords conversational to avoid coming off as just a blatant sales pitch.

A good rule of thumb is make keywords 5-7% of your content. You should also include keywords in your title, URL, image file names, and in the meta description.

5. Mobile-friendly web

If you’re online content isn’t mobile-friendly yet, this should be your first priority.

Research conducted by Business Insider Intelligence found that 1 in every 5 people in the world own a smartphone. If these people can’t access your website because you haven’t made it compatible with mobile devices, they will move on to your competition’s webpages. Your reach can be increased dramatically if your content can be viewed from smartphones or tablets.

Tuning up your SEO strategy is essential to keep your Idaho Falls business competitive in the world of online commerce. Review your tactics today and make any upgrades you can to increase your reach and influence on the web.