Things To Look For In A Web Hosting Plan

There are lots of cheap web hosting plans available in the UK. So which one should you pick? Here are things you should look for in a web hosting service.


Figure out what sort and degree of support you will be needing. Problems can’t be prevented 100 %, therefore it is best to have someone who you can talk to should you find yourself in these situations. At the least, a web hosting plan should have 24/7 free phone support with customer reps who can communicate in your language. Even if the web host states that they have this, it is advisable to test it because some don’t pick up the phone when you wish them to. It would be more desirable if they provide multiple channels of customer support, like chat and email. A reputable web hosting company can reply to concerns within 24 hours.

Web Site Backup

Deleting your entire blog directory for your site by mistake can be very inconvenient. But if your web hosting service offers enough backup, this mess can be rectified instantly.

Uptime Guarantee

For business websites, repeated downtime can result in considerable financial losses from missed marketing and sales opportunities. If your website takes a lot of time to load or becomes inaccessible frequently, visitors will look elsewhere to satisfy their requirements. Pick a web hosting company that gives an uptime guarantee of 99 % or more. Also check if the host’s server has backup servers in several locations so that if one fails, they have other servers that can work in its stead. For more information about UK web hosting and which factors to consider when shopping for a web hosting provider, visit this link.


You need to have a website you can make changes to simply. For instance, you may need to add new email accounts as your business grows. You want to make sure that the host gives you access to the server to do so easily.


This is one of the most crucial considerations when choosing a hosting service. Even if the business you own is small, there’s always a potential for growth, so you need to select a service that can scale with your business as it grows bigger. Look for a hosting company that provides various levels of service based on the volume of visitors you anticipate every month or allows you to upgrade your plan readily if you want to. Also, determine how a host addresses traffic spikes as this can cost you a great deal if you don’t have the correct plan.

Who Do We Use

At 1st SEO Services we use Vidahost for our UK based web sites. We switched to Vidahost after experiencing a host of problems with our previous UK hosting company. Since moving to Vidahost in January 2012 we have experienced excellent web site performance and great service and we recommend Vidahost to anyone looking for a UK based high performance web hosting company.

You can check out Vidahost web hosting services here and if you decide to sign up you can obtain a 10% discount by using “1st SEO services” in the coupon box.


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