Perfecting Your Business’ Letterhead

Are you getting ready to design, or take a new look at your company letterhead? Well perhaps it’s time to run a quick check on all of your basics, and be sure that you are hitting that nail square on its round, little head. What design aspects are most Important? Whether you are a brand spankin’ new business, or a long-standing pillar of the business community, it’s never a bad idea to check yourself out, … Continue reading

Best Blogging Tip Ever: Love What You Write

One thing that bloggers know better than anyone else in the world is that it’s all about content. Creating, managing, and growing a successful blog that generates traffic and earns money isn’t as easy as some would have you believe, and it’s gotten much harder in recent years now that blogging is part of the general SEO machine and so many people are in the water, trying to make a splash. But it can still … Continue reading

Tips For Working From Home Effectively

Whether you work for yourself or an established employer you are likely to face obstacles similar to those that I encountered. I have since learned to overcome those obstacles and I would like to share my tips for working effectively from home with you. 1. Setting up a functional workspace is critical to the success from a work from home employee. Try setting up your space so that it contains all of the necessary equipment … Continue reading

Your Online Reputation – Are You In Charge Of Yours?

Basically, the reputation of your company isn't just about what you do, but what the general public perception of you is. You could be doing everything right, but a horrible review or two by a rival or an angry ex-employee could mean all those good practices come to nothing when referring to attracting new purchasers. Businesses now recognize that there is a need for them to assume control of their online reputations, and the incontrovertible … Continue reading